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Discover the power of AI with Copilot

Kickstart your Windows 11 experience. Along with other AI-powered features, Copilot can enhance your creativity and productivity.

Copilot is available (in preview) on select Windows 10 devices.*

What is Copilot?

Finding unexpected ideas. Summarizing long articles. Providing suggestions for better writing. Those are just a few of the ways Copilot can help support your creative process—and it can also automate tasks to help you get things done faster.

Find Copilot on your Windows taskbar. If your keyboard has the Copilot key, you can also use that to launch Copilot.1 8

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Get answers, inspiration, and summaries

Start your next creative project with ideas and information that spark your ingenuity. Copilot AI-powered features gets you relevant answers fast, lets you ask follow-up questions, and can generate images from your ideas.

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Copilot is ready when you are

It's always a keystroke away. Copilot also can offer assistance when you work in online and in other Windows apps.

More AI-powered features in Windows 11

These easy-to-use tools are just some of the AI-powered features that Windows 11 offers to make your everyday easier.

Paint app representation


Paint now comes with new tools to help you edit photos like a pro and create art like a visionary.

Photo app representation


Crop, erase, and adjust colors and lighting—the Photos app can help you get your pictures just right.

Snipping Tool app representation

Snipping Tool

AI in Snipping Tool makes editing easy, allowing you to copy and redact text from a screenshot image.

Clipchamp representation


In Clipchamp, AI gives you a headstart when editing footage to help you publish your masterpiece faster.2

Windows Ink representation

Windows Ink

Draw, design, and navigate the smart way. Now there’s no need to put the pen down when in Windows 11.7

Security badge representation

Smart App Control

Smart App Control uses AI to predict which apps are safe to download and run on Windows 11.3

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Get Windows 11

Windows 11 has AI-powered tools that can help you figure things out and find stuff fast. Shop for a Windows 11 PC, or check to see if your PC is eligible for an upgrade.

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Introducing Copilot+ PCs

The fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever.

Your new superpower

Accelerate your productivity and creativity with unique Copilot+ PC experiences.

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Recall (coming soon)

Searching for a document, email, or webpage on your PC can be time-consuming. Now you can just describe how you remember something and Recall will find it, instantly.10

A paintbrush with a star


Everyone has an imagination and an ability to be an artist. Light your spark with Cocreator and generate artwork from your text and drawing prompts.12

A PC screen with stars

Creative filters

Express yourself in new ways during video calls with creative filters, without having to download any new apps or plug-ins.

A computer screen with words

Live Captions

When you never miss a word, you never miss a beat. Get accurate subtitles in real time with automatic Live Captions.9

A screen with stars

Windows Studio Effects

Improve lighting, cancel noises, and blur distractions in the background during video calls. When presentation matters, turn on Windows Studio Effects.

Frequently asked questions

Copilot is an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that enhances productivity and creativity. With the assistance of Copilot, you can get real answers, inspiration, and solutions for your questions, projects, and to-do-list.1

There is no additional cost to use Copilot.

You can enable Copilot in a few ways: from your device’s taskbar, or using the Copilot key if your device has one.1 8

You don’t have to download Copilot. If you’re in one of the select markets and have a compatible Windows device, you can launch Copilot on the taskbar, or by using the Copilot key if your device has one.1 8

The Copilot key joins the Windows key as a core part of the PC keyboard. When pressed on a keyset or keyboard paired with a Windows 11 device, the new key will invoke the Copilot experience. If Copilot is not available or enabled on the device, pressing the Copilot key will launch Windows Search. You will start to see the Copilot key on many of the new Windows 11 PCs and external keyboards from our ecosystem partners starting in early 2024.8 See

Windows 11 offers AI-powered features and tools to help elevate your experience. Easily make use of the Snipping Tool, voice access, and smart recommendations in File Explorer and the Start menu. Use AI to improve your creativity with Clipchamp, Paint, or the Photos app. Quickly use your digital pen and ink virtually anywhere7 on your device while you write and design with Copilot.

Copilot is available (in preview) on select Windows 10 devices. Copilot functionality on Windows 10 PCs is more limited than in Windows 11. Learn more about Copilot in Windows 10 and applicable system requirements for Copilot in Windows 10.

“Preview” means that Copilot is being rolled out with limited capabilities in select global markets. During this phase, we are continuing to improve the Copilot experience.

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Find more information about Copilot and other AI-powered features in Windows 11 and get connected to stay informed.

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Copilot help & support

Learn more about Copilot and how to use it in Windows 11 and Windows 10.1 See how features work, find keyboard shortcuts, and get support when you need it.

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  • Screens simulated, subject to change.
  • * Copilot functionality on Windows 10 PCs is more limited than in Windows 11. Learn more about Copilot in Windows 10 and system requirements for Copilot in Windows 10.
  • 1 Copilot (in preview) is available in select global markets and will be rolled out to additional markets over time. Copilot in Windows 10 functionality is limited and has specific system requirements.
  • 2 Microsoft Clipchamp Essentials – Subscription sold separately (Premium filters & effects, Premium stock video & audio content + Brand Kit).
  • 3 Only available on the latest version of Windows 11. In order to keep you as safe as possible, you must start with a fresh system. PCs that have been running previous versions of Windows must do a full reset of the Windows 11 operating system for the feature to work. Only available in North America and Europe.
  • 4 Must be signed into a Microsoft account using the latest version of Windows 11. Not available in China or Russia.
  • 5 50 credits available for initial use of Paint Cocreator. One credit applied per use. Credit system subject to change once preview is complete. Requires Microsoft account. Additional subscription may be required. Timing of feature delivery varies by device. Feature availability may vary by market. Available at launch in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States. English inputs only for now.
  • 6 Hardware dependent. Requires Windows PC with microphone capability.
  • 7 Pen-capable tablet or PC required. Pen accessories may be sold separately. Some third-party apps may not be compatible with handwriting to text conversion. Requires a PC with touchscreen capability.
  • 8 Copilot key feature availability varies by market, see
  • 9 Currently supports translation for video and audio subtitles into English from 40+ languages. Learn more at
  • 10 Recall is coming soon through a post-launch Windows Update. See Optimized for select languages (English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish). Content-based and storage limitations apply. Learn more about privacy and security controls.
  • 12 Optimized for English text prompts.