3 ways to get better organized in 2021

Our homes have never worked harder for us than they are right now. A home is our office, school, gym, sanctuary, and safe retreat from the world. That means it’s more important than ever to have organization systems in place to keep key parts of your home humming along.

See how these organization tips can help you achieve some of your New Year’s resolutions.

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Discover an easier way to organize and manage your finances

Managing personal finances can be an unwelcome task for some people, but having the right tools can help make it easier. Join the millions of people who use Microsoft Excel to track their budgets, help simplify the task of managing finances, and to help stay on track with longer-term financial goals.

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Get help achieving your goals

As a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscriber in the U.S., you can use Money in Excel to connect securely to your financial accounts and automatically import your transaction information into an Excel spreadsheet.

If you’re not a Microsoft 365 subscriber, there are some free templates you can use if you just want a simple tracking template or want to track your family’s monthly expenses. Just add your income and spending information and let the spreadsheets do the rest of the math for you.

Save time, organize and protect your computer files

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your computer files and photos are backed up and accessible to you wherever you go and whenever you need them. With OneDrive, your files sync between your computer and the cloud, so if you make changes on your computer, those changes are reflected in the file in the cloud—and vice versa.

You can work directly with your synced files anytime and can access your files even when you’re offline. Whenever you go online next, any changes you made while offline will sync automatically.

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Any file, anywhere, always protected

Automatically sync files and folders between your computer and the cloud to back up and protect your files and access them on any device you choose.

Organize and collect your thoughts while online

We all do it: While researching something online, we lose track of the key information we found. This year, discover a fun and visual way to track your ideas on the web by using Collections in Microsoft Edge. Collections allow you to easily identify your saved webpages by displaying the name, a quick summary, and a picture so you can find what you’re looking for at a glance.

Create collections to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. Plan to eat better? Create a collection of recipes to try. Want to work out more? Create a collection of your favorite workout videos so you can easily find the video you want to watch each day. Looking to learn something new this year? Create a collection with videos and how-to pages to get you started.

You can also easily add Pinterest inspiration to your existing collection or export your entire collection to a new board on Pinterest. Whatever to-do list you have for 2021, you can capture it in a visually delightful way using Collections in Microsoft Edge.

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Keep track of your ideas on the web

Researching, planning a trip, shopping—whatever you're doing on the web, Collections can help.

Whether you’re looking to track and understand your spending better, to help protect your important files are protected, or to keep track of your ideas on the web, Microsoft has tools to help you take control and take charge in the new year.

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