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Cluttered file folders, computer mouse, and organized file folders

January 17, 2023

How to get organized in your digital world

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A good cleaning out helps refresh our living and mental spaces. Some simple strategies can help minimize distractions and maximize organization in digital spaces like email inboxes and computer desktops, so you can be organized on and off the digital screen. See how these organization tips from Windows 11 can help you stay clutter free and organized, from your files to your finances.

Stop the chaos before it starts
Snap layouts provide a more organized view, optimize screen space, and maximize your productivity with just a snap. Choose from different grid options to arrange your computer desktop screen in the way that’s most appealing to you and eliminates visual clutter best. With these layouts, you can easily access your open browser and app windows without repeatedly switching back and forth. It’s also a great way to have one window for something you’re monitoring—like a dashboard, sports game, or video feed—while you do other work in a separate window.

Multiple desktops provide one more easy way to keep everything in its right place from the start. Keep personal and professional apps and files apart by having a specific desktop for each one.

Organize your files for a mess-free desktop
Do your files tend to stack up across your computer desktop screen with no clear home? Why not create organized folders in OneDrive? Along with a clear place for everything, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your computer files and photos are backed up and accessible wherever you go and whenever you need them. With OneDrive, your files sync between your computer and the cloud, so if you make changes on your computer, those changes are reflected in the file in the cloud—and vice versa. You'll feel organized and at ease when your desktop is clean and your files are backed up.

Clean out email clutter
Keep your inbox feeling fresh and spam-free with automatic filtering and sorting, as well as tools like SweepArchive, and Move to. The Clutter feature can help you filter low-priority emails, which saves time for your truly important messages. And Conversation Clean Up can automatically delete redundant messages within a conversation, so replies don’t overwhelm your inbox. You can also automate what happens to your emails by creating rule settings. Outlook will automatically move messages to other folders based on certain criteria such as subject lines or sender name.

Say goodbye to outdated bookmarks and open tabs
Is your current browser littered with old bookmarks that you don’t want to organize? Out with the old and in with the new, start fresh by making the switch to Microsoft Edge

If you’re already using Microsoft Edge, clean out your browser favorites by reorganizing or deleting unused favorites.

You can also create Edge Collections to more visually keep track of your ideas on the web. Collections allow you to identify your saved webpages by displaying the name, a quick summary, and a picture, so you can find what you’re looking for at a glance. Create collections to help you accomplish your personal goals. Want to save money? Create a collection of coupons, discounts, and upcoming sales. Looking to learn something new? Create a collection with videos and how-to pages to get you started. You can also easily add Pinterest inspiration to your existing collection or export your entire collection to a new board on Pinterest. Whatever your to-do list, capture it visually using Collections in Microsoft Edge.

Organize your finances digitally
Managing personal finances can be challenging, but having the right tools can make it easier. If you’re looking for new or fresh ways to stay on track with your spending and saving, try a free budget template from Microsoft Excel, one more way to organize your world on your computer. Choose from a range of templates to meet your budgeting needs, including individual, family, travel, life events, and more. Use the template as is or add your own categories to track over time.

Whether you’re working to declutter your digital desktop, ensure your important files are in place and accessible, or keep track of your ideas on the web, Windows 11 has tools to help you enjoy the ease of great organization.

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