Support for Windows 7 is ending

Support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for devices running Windows 7 operating systems. That’s why it’s time to make the shift to Windows 10 today.

Windows 7 start screen displayed on a laptop at a desk

Windows 7 start screen displayed on a laptop at a desk

Yes, you can upgrade compatible Windows 7 PCs based on these requirements with a full license. To take advantage of the latest hardware capabilities, we recommend moving to a new PC with Windows 10.

You can continue to use Windows 7, but once support ends, your PC will become more vulnerable to security risks. Windows will operate but you will stop receiving security updates.

Windows 7 can still be installed and activated after support has ended. However, to avoid unnecessary security risks and viruses, Microsoft strongly recommends that you use Windows 10 instead.

Support for Internet Explorer on Windows 7 devices will be discontinued on January 14, 2020. As a component of Windows operating system, Internet Explorer follows the same support lifecycle.

Get started with a new device

PCs are lighter, faster and more affordable than ever, so it makes sense for Windows 7 users to transition to a new device with Windows 10 installed.

three laptop devices showcasing Windows 10

Three laptop devices showcasing Windows 10

How do I move to Windows 10?

Getting Windows 10 is simple and straightforward.

What should enterprise customers do?

Microsoft 365

Learn more on how to shift your business to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365.


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1. For the supported lifetime of the device.