Windows for Education

With Microsoft Education, you can setup a cloud IT solution for your school in about an hour.

PCs in classroom

Windows for education delivers better results for students on a platform they never outgrow

Top requested software skill

Help students prepare for college and their future careers with Microsoft Office, the only software listed among top 5 ranked skills requested required for tomorrow’s best jobs.

The most robust classroom collaboration experiences

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that gives students instant access to everything they need right in Office 365 for Education. Collaborate on all devices and platforms.

Increase reading speed and comprehension

When Learning Tools and the Immersive Reader are used in schools with a personalized learning plan, it helps students go from 6 words to 27 words per minute with higher comprehension.

The most complete 3D experience

3D and spatial thinking has been shown to increase test scores, and attentiveness.

Windows in the education industry

See how Windows is changing education today.

  • “Windows 10 digital inking feels like writing on paper.”

    Omnimundo in Antwerp, Belgium personalizes learning to international students from 20+ countries using Windows 10 and OneNote.

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  • “We’ve seen Windows 10 transform how our teachers teach.”

    Students are launching their futures with cloud-based solutions to boost college and career readiness at Brevard Public Schools.

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Setup a cloud IT solution for your school in about an hour

With Intune for Education, schools now have a simple but powerful tool for managing policies, apps, and settings for your classroom devices. Get started with a free 365 Education & 30-day Intune for Education Trial.

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