Discover and Respond

Advanced eDiscovery and Advanced Audit —tools to help your organization find relevant data quickly and cost-effectively.

A screenshot of a Final Data dashboard on Microsoft 365 Compliance.

Discover and Respond capabilities

Efficiently respond to your legal, regulatory, and internal obligations.

Discover data where it lives

Discover data at the source and within the Microsoft 365 security and compliance boundary.

Intelligently find relevant data

Machine learning and analytics capabilities to help find relevant data

Discover data where it is

Native eDiscovery capabilities for Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online simplifies the discovery and review of Office 365 content (e.g. Teams conversation reconstruction, edited Teams chat, support for linked content from OneDrive and SharePoint Online).

A screenshot showing places to save content.
A screenshot showing how to tag and cull through data in Microsoft 365 Compliance.

Intelligently reduce and cull data

Machine learning and intelligent capabilities such as near duplicate detection, email threading, relevance, themes, and smart tags help customers to reduce and cull large volumes of data in-place to relevant set.

Manage workflows in Microsoft 365

Manage a more end to end eDiscovery workflow (identify, preserve, collect, process, conduct early case assessment/review, and analyze data) while data stays within the Microsoft 365 security and compliance boundary.

A screenshot showing a dashboard with data for review in Microsoft 365 Compliance.

Advanced Audit capabilities

A screenshot of the audit log search in Microsoft 365 Compliance.

Audit events that enhance forensic investigations

Access to audit events (e.g. MailItemsAccessed) that can help scope data  that may have been compromised.

Increasing audit log retention to support length of an investigation

Advanced Audit helps organizations to customize their audit log retention policy for up to a year to support their forensic investigations.  To further help meet more rigorous regulatory, internal compliance obligations or conduct longer running investigations – organizations have the option to add-on the capability to retain their audit log activities for 10 years.

A screenshot of a blank new audit retention policy.
A screenshot of the welcome screen for Office 365 Management APIs.

Gain faster access to Audit logs via the Office 365 Management API

Increased bandwidth to the Management API.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

Integrated compliance solutions and effective AI capabilities help qualify Microsoft as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving.

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“When it comes to recognizing the importance of the security and privacy of data, Microsoft has a reputation way ahead of other large cloud providers.”

Marc Elkins: Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

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“The real advantage of Microsoft 365 is being able to focus on deploying advanced security features instead of managing servers,”

Habib Mankal, Principal Architect, WaveCore IT

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“We were also impressed with the Litigation Hold and eDiscovery capabilities in Office 365, and we’re looking at using the Data Loss Prevention services as well. And for employees, it’s great that mobility doesn’t have to come at the expense of security.”

Sebastian Mahler: Head of Enterprise Infrastructure The Linde Group

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