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Microsoft Viva Learning

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Features included

  • Learning tabs

    Create learning tabs in the Teams channels you collaborate in to curate learning selections for your team.

  • Social learning

    Share a link to learning content in Teams chat and conversations and email.

  • Recommend and track

    Recommend learning content to colleagues and track reported completion progress.

  • Diverse content libraries

    Bring together learning content from Microsoft, 3rd party providers, Learning Management Systems, and your own organization in one hub.

  • Personalized recommendations

    Intelligent search and discovery surface relevant and trending content.

  • Custom learning content

    Bring company resources into a standard learning interface through SharePoint integration.

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Additional resources

Viva Learning Documentation

Step by step instructions on setup, configuration, and getting started with Viva Learning.

Enablement help using FastTrack

Get remote guidance on enabling Viva modules to address your organization’s needs, at no additional cost for eligible plans with 150 licenses or more.

Microsoft Viva

Improve the employee experience by helping people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work.