To choose a digital wireless device, a "pairing" system combines a value for radio frequency RF emissions in the mobile phone and a rating for the immunity level in the hearing aid. Lower RF emissions in handsets and higher immunity in hearing aids may help reduce interference.
Lumia 950


A combined rating of "5" is an acceptable minimum for "normal use," or probable use without buzzing or interference. The higher the combined ratings — adding the immunity rating of your hearing aid to the emissions rating (or telecoil coupling capability rating) of your wireless handset — the less interference you may experience.

Mobile phones for use with hearing aids
If you use your hearing aid in Microphone mode (M), look for a phone with an M3 or M4 rating. If you prefer telecoil coupling (T), look for a phone with T3 or T4 rating.

Hearing aids for use with wireless devices
Hearing aids for use with wireless devices should have an immunity rating of M2 at a minimum. Because hearing aids are custom devices, however, it may not be possible to know the exact rating. If the immunity rating of your hearing aid is not available, ask your hearing aid manufacturer or audiologist if your hearing aid includes cell phone shielding or has increased immunity to RF interference.

When paired with a hearing aid with a minimum M2 immunity rating, the following devices are recommended for compatible use.
Model Number Rating
Lumia 521 M3/T4
Lumia 635 M3/T3
Lumia 640 XL M3/T4
Lumia 710 M3/T3
Lumia 735 M4/T3
Lumia 810 M3/T3
Lumia 820 M3/T4
Lumia 822 M3/T4
Lumia 830 M4/T3
Lumia 900 M3/T4
Lumia 920 M3/T3
Lumia 925 M3/T3
Lumia 928 M3/T4
Lumia 950 M4/T4
Lumia 950 XL M3/T4
Lumia 1020 M3/T4
Lumia 1520 M4/T3
Lumia Icon M4/T4
Please check with your service provider for availability. Devices with HAC ratings are available only in the United States.

If you have questions about hearing aid compatibility with digital wireless devices, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk.