Advanced security with Intelligent Security Graph

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Advanced analytics link massive amounts of threat intelligence and security data to provide you unparalleled threat protection and detection.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph

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Vast threat intelligence

View the evolving threat landscape with millions of unique threat indicators collected worldwide.
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Advanced analytics

Machine learning and advanced AI get better over time, identifying threats with greater efficacy.
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Connected systems

Shared insights are connected in the platform and extended to users and partners with a security API.

Safeguarding your organization

Microsoft products and services, powered by Intelligent Security Graph, have rapid threat detection and response based on insights from security intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics.
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Gain security insights with machine learning

See how Microsoft derives richer insights by applying advanced analytics to security data and billions of signals. These insights can help detect and respond to attacks in your organization quickly.

Strengthen your security with large scale intelligence

Big data is transforming security. Microsoft applies knowledge from seeing billions of data points globally to diagnose attacks, reverse engineer techniques, and apply intelligence for your security.
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Get security insights from trillions of signals

For over a decade, we’ve been sharing insights from our vast security intelligence with you. Learn about the 2018 threat landscape in the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Volume 24.

Connect to the Security API

Connect to solutions that are part of the Intelligent Security Graph with a unified API—enabling enterprises and partners to ease integration, strengthen security, and automate security operations.
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The scale of our security

5B threats blocked per month

470B emails analyzed per month

630B authentications per month

1.2B devices updated each month

18B+ Bing page scans per month

3500+ security professionals

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph