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Ensuring compliance of cloud computing initiatives

Simplify compliance on the digital transformation journey with help from this collection of guides, insights, and resources compiled specifically for the global legal and compliance community advising enterprise leaders.

Digital Transformation in the Cloud

Learn what enterprise leaders and their legal and compliance advisors need to know. This in-depth e-book provides a framework for thinking about the strategic implications of digital transformation.

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IDC study on cloud compliance pros

Explore the emerging role of the cloud compliance professional and their relationship with legal, compliance, and technology leaders in this summary of an IDC global (16 country) web survey commissioned by Microsoft.

Think Cloud Compliance whitepapers

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Achieving Trust and Compliance

Understand how Microsoft helps you meet legal and compliance requirements and evaluate cloud services.

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Introduction to Cloud Computing

View concepts, definitions, examples, and FAQ related to cloud computing for non-technical people.

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Microsoft Cloud Security

Get an overview of Microsoft cloud security including descriptions, principles, and certifications.

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New Standards Help Customers

Read how new standards will help organizations buying cloud computing services compare offerings.