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Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Azure SQL Database

This management pack provides capabilities to discover, monitor, and manage your Azure SQL Databases.

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    The Microsoft Azure SQL Database Management Pack enables you to monitor the availability and performance of applications that are running on Azure SQL Database.

    Note: This Management Pack is not part of Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Azure. The Management Pack is designed to provide enhanced monitoring of Azure SQL Database metrics.

    Feature Summary
    After configuration, the Azure SQL Database Monitoring Management Pack offers the following functionalities:
    • User-friendly wizard to discover Azure SQL Database servers.
    • Multiple subscriptions and multiple Azure SQL Database servers are supported.
    • Two options for getting information on Azure SQL Database health: Azure Resource Manager (Azure REST API) and T-SQL queries to SQL Server system views.
    • Azure AD authentication is supported.
    • Collects and monitors health of Azure SQL Databases:
      • Database availability
      • Database space monitoring
      • Track the total number of databases per server
      • Successful connections count
      • Failed connections count
      • Number of deadlocks
      • Throttling/long transactions count
      • Connections blocked by firewall count
    • Collects and monitors health of Azure SQL Database servers:
      • Server availability
      • Average memory per session
      • Total memory per session
      • Total CPU time per session
      • Total I/O per session
      • Number of database sessions
      • Maximum Transaction execution time
      • Maximum Transaction lock count
      • Maximum Transaction log space used
      • Network Egress/Ingress bandwidth
      • Percentage of CPU used
      • Percentage of workers used
    • Health monitoring for Elastic Pools.
    • Health monitoring for Database Geo-Replication.
    • Ability to define custom thresholds for each monitor to configure the warning and critical alerts.
    • Run-as profile to securely connect to Azure SQL Database.
    • Detailed knowledge to guide the IT operator with troubleshooting the problem.
    • Custom tasks to redirect the user to the Azure SQL Database online portal.
    • Custom query support to enable application-specific availability and performance monitoring.
    • Dashboard functionality.

    For more information about this management pack, see the Azure SQL Database Management Pack Operations Guide.
  • Supported Operating Systems

    Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022

    For detailed system requirements, refer to the Azure SQL Database Management Pack Operations Guide.
  • For detailed instructions on setup, configuration, and monitoring, refer to the Azure SQL Database Management Pack Operations Guide.
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