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Manufacturing Initiative

This EEIP Initiative focuses on how the 4th Industrial Revolution can have an impact within the Manufacturing sector, by supporting Black Industrialists and Gazelles to unlock their business potential through a digital transformation strategy within their business in South Africa.

The Digital Transformation Programme will offer up to 12 qualifying Black Industrialists and Gazelles the opportunity to embark on a Digital Transformation Journey, by providing assistance in developing a tailored Digital Transformation strategy for the Successful Applicants, with overall funding for implementation of up to R10 million (Ten Million Rand) in total for the Programme.

Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for organisations and their customers, and maintain a competitive advantage in a ‘digital-first’ world.

The goal of digital transformation is to help organisations find new ways of generating value using modern technologies like Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning among others. Successful organisations are those that are better able to leverage these technologies to engage their customers, empower their employees, optimize their operations and even transform the products and services they sell.

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Digital Transformation Programme

Through participation in the Digital Transformation Programme, the successful applicants will be able to leverage the expertise and experience of Microsoft Digital Advisory Services to envision and plan their Digital Transformation Journey in detail, co-creating a strategy and focused plans that are aligned to their business goals and objectives.

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Microsoft Black Industrialists Digital Transformation Programme

Join Robbi Laurenson, Equity Equivalent Chief Technology Officer and Microsoft Digital Advisor as he explains what the Digital Transformation Programme is all about.