Teresa Burger | Developer | Texas

“The job market today is insane: I get job offers every day. It's a great market for developers. It's even better if you have your certification because that gives you that one little edge you have against somebody that doesn't if you're going for the same job”.

Certification success stories

Watch Microsoft's certification success stories. Our newest videos and case studies can help you understand how getting a Microsoft Certification can positively impact your career and benefit your organisation.

Peter De Tender video

Peter De Tender | Infrastructure architect | Belgium

"I’m responsible for a team of 30 people. My company is growing and growing. When we hire someone new, we check out his certifications as well as experience. People who are not certified are dropped from consideration".

Scott Brondel video

Scott Brondel | Active Directory Engineer | Texas

"Having the solutions expert be part of the new branding of MCSE is definitely worthwhile because you can't just focus on a single technology any more. You really need to know the entire platform and how it all integrates together".

Jim Fincher video

Jim Fincher | Senior System Engineer | Florida

"Certification changed my life.... It seems to have taken my career to a whole new level. They do a good job of making it relevant and going across the board with various skills needed to perform your job".