Finding sweet success working from home: A Q&A with Cupcake Royale’s Jody Hall

Jody Hall, owner of Seattle’s Cupcake Royale, loves being part of the action with customers and employees in her shop, but she’s also responsible for company strategy, which takes a certain amount of focus. Focus that a busy (and delicious) cupcake shop certainly doesn’t encourage. So working from home has become a part of Hall’s routine. In this Q&A with Hall, she shares tips for staying connected and productive while working remotely.

Q: How often do you work from home?

A: Mostly in the morning or after work hours. My preference is to spend the day at the office to show leadership with our team, and to be a part of our culture.

Q: What elements of technology are vital to staying connected while working from home?

A: It’s pretty simple for me—I need good wireless and either my laptop or smart phone.

Q: What do you like best about working from home the least?

A: I like that I can find time away to bring focus to bigger, strategic projects—I can get a lot done in this setting. What I like least is that I get tempted by things around the home that I know I should do, like cleaning or home projects.

Q: How does the flexibility to work from home help your business?

A: I can stay connected 24/7 and chime in outside of office hours. So much happens at Cupcake Royale outside of business hours—we open at 6am and close at midnight in some of our stores. This isn’t 9-5 work!

Q: Any advice to others about how to stay connected and productive while working from home?

A: I tend to turn off email for periods of time when I need to focus on writing a plan or do other creative work. Email is a distraction and it’s easy to plow through messages all day and not get a whole lot done when it comes to thoughtful planning! If folks need me to respond to something, they know to text or call.

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