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Shape the future of energy using real-time data in Power BI

Improve and transform the way sustainable energy is managed and generate value across energy production, supply, distribution, and consumption using data-driven insights provided by Microsoft Power BI.

Make a more measurable impact

Operate for the future

   Predict and plan for future customer demand.
  • Help reduce operational variables and environmental impact by increasing real-time visibility of operations across the energy value chain.
  • Get more out of your investment in IoT-enabled remote tracking by using it to drive AI analytics and actionable insights for sustainable decision-making.
  • Transform reactive decisions to predictive and preventive strategies with enhanced critical equipment and resource management in energy production and distribution channels.
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How customers are simplifying sustainability with Power BI

"We’d got to a crossroads where, if we really wanted to move it on, we were going to need to make some changes."

Roy Young
Global Head of Office 365, Centrica

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Explore sample reporting and dashboard solutions for energy

Calculate and analyze electricity consumption and usage

Estimate and analyze the electrical energy used as well as cost associated with home appliances and average minutes usage per day.

Power generation and demand analysis

Get rich insights into the impact of shifting energy production from polluting non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources.

Water, Gas and Utilities consumption and distribution insights

Generate insights from existing energy distribution and consumption data to help facilitate actions for conservation and consumer awareness.

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