Integrate modern identity capabilities into your apps

Build your apps with the Microsoft identity platform enterprises trust.

What is the Microsoft identity platform?

Build authentication and authorization into your apps with the Microsoft identity platform. Create apps users can sign in to with their existing accounts and authorize access to APIs.

"When it comes to cloud identity, there’s Microsoft and then there’s everybody else. We leveraged the Microsoft identity platform for easy identity integration."

Pete Zerger, CEO, Lumagate

Microsoft identity platform for developers

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Reach more customers

Enable users to sign in to your app or website with their Microsoft accounts or social accounts and accelerate adoption of your app.

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Secure your app

The Microsoft identity platform offers integration of modern innovations in identity and security like passwordless authentication and conditional access.

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Connect to Microsoft Graph

Customize and extend your apps to APIs. Create richer apps, services, or workflows through a single endpoint, Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft identity platform

With the Microsoft identity platform, you can get your app to market more securely with minimum friction. Build on a platform that gives you access to powerful data and functionality through a single endpoint, using open industry standards.

This is a simplified diagram of the Microsoft identity platform. The Azure portal delivers an easy and fast app registration experience. A set of Microsoft authentication libraries enable you to build web, mobile, and desktop apps with your favorite programming languages. The OIDC-certified endpoint allows compatibility with other libraries. This platform helps ensure that access to any type of APIs is secured. The Microsoft identity platform supports open industry standards and allows authentication of any Microsoft identity. External users such as customers and partners can also sign in to your app using their social identities.

Integrate your app with the Microsoft identity platform

The Microsoft identity platform helps you build apps your users and customers can sign in to using their Microsoft identity or social account and provides authorized access to your own APIs or Microsoft APIs.

Add sign-in with Microsoft accounts

Give users a simple, secure way to sign in to your app or website with their Microsoft work, school, or personal account.

Add sign-in with social accounts

Allow users to register and sign in with an existing social account or personal email address.

Build secure authentication into your app

Protect your customers and help safeguard access to your app against advanced threats. Implement Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) security controls such as multifactor authentication.

Single-page app (SPA)

Web app that signs in users

Web app that calls web APIs

Help protect web API

Desktop app that calls web APIs

Daemon app that calls web APIs

Mobile app that calls web APIs

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