Microsoft Accessories for Business

Microsoft Accessories for Business, available through qualified resellers, is an easy, cost-effective way to purchase and deploy our full line of Microsoft PC Accessories - from mice and keyboards to webcams and headsets.

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Microsoft Bluetooth® Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth® Ergonomic Mouse‎ For Business

$44.99 MSRP
Light, modern design meets wireless performance and all-day comfort.

Microsoft Bluetooth® Mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth® Mouse For Business

$17.99 MSRP
Meet your new go-to mouse for precise scrolling and navigation.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 for business for business

Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 For Business

$14.95 MSRP
Designed for life on the go, this little mouse offers wireless freedom.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 for business

Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 For Business

$34.95 MSRP
Features Bluetrack technology, a 10-month battery life, reliable wireless, and more.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 for business

Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 For Business

$29.95 MSRP
Works on virtually any surface* thanks to Microsoft BlueTrack Technology.

Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse for business

Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse For Business

$53.95 MSRP
The advanced design of Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse maximizes wrist comfort while making navigation effortless.

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 for business

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 For Business

$29.95 MSRP
The Comfort Mouse 4500, delivers comfort in either hand and the precise control of BlueTrack Technology at a great value.

Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse

Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse For Business

$19.95 MSRP
Navigate quickly and easily with the scroll wheel, work on virtually any surface, customize buttons and work with either hand.


Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop

Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop For Business

$80.99 MSRP
Work in all day comfort with the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse.

Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop

Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop For Business

$53.99 MSRP
Enjoy the solid feel of our sleek, modern keyboard and compact mouse as you work in Windows and Microsoft 365.

Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for business

Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard For Business

$80.95 MSRP
This high-quality Sculpt keyboard provides superior design, comfort and functionality.

Wired Desktop 600 for business

Wired Desktop 600 For Business

$28.45 MSRP
Combines a spill resistant keyboard and optical mouse to deliver all the reliability and quality features you need.

Wireless Desktop 850

Wireless Desktop 850 For Business

$35.95 MSRP
AES security and wireless convenience are at your fingertips with this compact wireless keyboard and mouse set.


Microsoft Modern Webcam For Business

Microsoft Modern Webcam For Business

$64.99 MSRP
At home or at the office, add reliable, high-quality video to your workspace for better face-to-face calls and meetings.

LifeCam Cinema

LifeCam Cinema For Business

$69.95 MSRP
This True 720p HD video camera brings color, sharpness, and digital sound to your vlogs and video calls.

LifeCam HD-3000

LifeCam HD-3000 For Business

$39.95 MSRP
True HD video camera that gives you bright and colorful video, and makes it easy to post to your favorite social sites.

LifeCam Studio

LifeCam Studio For Business

$89.95 MSRP
The LifeCam Studio webcam brings HD quality to your video chats and Skype calls.

Headsets and Audio

Microsoft Modern USB-C Headset for business

Microsoft Modern USB-C Headset For Business

$52.99 MSRP
Connect fast and stay focused on Microsoft Teams calls and more with the Microsoft Modern USB-C Headset, featuring high-quality audio and voice, noise-reducing microphone, and intuitive call controls.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset For Business

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset For Business

$94.99 MSRP
Featuring high-quality audio, noise-reducing microphone, wireless convenience and intuitive on-ear call controls for Microsoft Teams calls and more.

Microsoft Modern USB Headset For Business

Microsoft Modern USB Headset For Business

$47.49 MSRP
Stay focused and connect seamlessly to your Surface or other Windows 10 PC with the wired, Certified for Microsoft Teams headset that makes calls and productivity comfortable and reliable.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker for Business

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker for Business

$94.99 MSRP
Add reliable, high-quality audio to your workspace for better Microsoft Teams meetings, clear, reliable calls and great sound for music.

LifeChat LX-6000

LifeChat LX-6000 For Business

$75.95 MSRP
Make important calls with clarity and comfort thanks to ultra-wideband digital audio and a noise-canceling microphone.

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