Cables, connectors and display adapters

Wirelessly share what's on your phone, tablet or laptop to your big-screen TV or monitor. Connect to networks, displays and more.

A Microsoft Presenter+

Microsoft Presenter+

$79.99 MSRP
Confidently deliver engaging presentations and participate in meetings, in person or online, with the push of a button. 

Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter

$69.99 MSRP
Project your Windows PC on the big screen. Strong and reliable connection to project your content, photos, and even videos.

Microsoft USB-C® Travel Hub

Microsoft USB-C® Travel Hub

$99.99 MSRP
Have the ports you need with this multi-port adapter that gives you five ways to connect to networks, displays, and more, including USB-C.®

Wireless Display Adapter

Wireless Display Adapter

$39.95 MSRP
True HD video camera that gives you bright and colorful video, and makes it easy to post to your favorite social sites.

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