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Azure Information Protection for Microsoft 365

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Azure Information Protection for Microsoft 365 protects important information from unauthorized access, enforces policies that improve data security, and helps enable secure collaboration—all for ow:\[\[msrpwithcurrency]] per user per month.

More secure collaboration

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    Protect messages with Office 365 Message Encryption

    Send encrypted and rights-protected messages to people inside and outside your organization (including users of Microsoft 365, other email apps,, and

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    Get native integration with Office apps

    Easily protect your documents and email while working in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

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    Provide strong encryption and rights management

    Protect your company with a cost-effective infrastructure.

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    Help keep information safe, online or off

    Your files are protected whether they’re in the cloud or on your computer.

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    Apply protection templates

    Use default protection templates or apply custom ones based on your own business needs.

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    Enhance the security of SharePoint libraries

    Use rights management policies to protect important documents in SharePoint Online libraries from unauthorized access.


Office 365 Message Encryption

Send protected emails to others—both inside and outside of your organization.

Information rights management

Protect and restrict access to sensitive information and important documents, presentations, and more.

System requirements

Be supported in Office apps including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

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