Workplace Analytics is becoming part of Microsoft Viva

Viva Insights helps people and business thrive with insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Workplace Analytics

Gain data-driven visibility into how work patterns affect wellbeing, productivity, and business performance.

A screen displaying the Insights dashboard in Workplace Analytics.
Screenshot of the Workplace Analytics insights showing after hours work and manager one-on-one time

Deliver actionable insights and recommendations

Provide visibility into work patterns that cause burnout with manager and leader insights. Default safeguards like de-identification, aggregation, and differential privacy protect individual privacy.

Balance productivity and wellbeing

Help people work smarter and achieve balance using flexible programs designed to help teams collaborate more effectively, preserve time for uninterrupted work, and disconnect at the end of the day.

Screenshots of Workplace Analytics showing available plans.
Screenshots of Workplace Analytics graphs and insights about collaboration hours and workweek span as measure of employee burnout risk.

Enable data-driven decisions at the pace of change

Generate powerful insights with tailorable reports ready to share with business leaders. Address unique challenges using advanced tools and querying capabilities. Export results for further analysis.1

Jumpstart deep analysis with the R package toolkit

Leverage prebuilt functions, such as text mining, network analysis, and hierarchical clustering, to kickstart complex analyses. Use prebuilt visualizations and interactive reports to share results.

Screenshot of an analysis being generated using the Workplace Analytics R package toolkit
Close-up photograph of a tablet displaying System defaults and Privacy settings on the Admin settings page under Workplace Analytics Settings.

Trusted Microsoft 365 security helps keep data safe and private

You control your data. We help keep it safe. Trusted cloud security and privacy safeguards enable organizations to maintain compliance with industry and regional requirements.

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Introducing Microsoft Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights helps people and business thrive with data-driven insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

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1. Data is de-identified and aggregated by default.