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Scheduler for Microsoft 365 will stop working on September 1, 2023. After that date, Scheduler won't be able to create or modify any meeting requests.

Scheduler and Cortana can schedule your meetings for you

Just add Cortana to an email conversation, and let Cortana do all the work.

Convenient. Efficient. Connected.

An assistant for everyone

Enjoy the speed of a virtual assistant augmented with human understanding.

Easy scheduling

Save time by handing off the time-consuming task of scheduling using your own words.

Works 24/7

Request a meeting at any time. Cortana works around the clock even when you are offline or busy.

Automate scheduling

Cortana finds times that work best for everyone, sends out invites, reschedules meetings, finds focus time, schedules across time zones, and can even add an online meeting.

A chat conversation where Cortana is helping schedule a meeting between coworkers.
Three tiles of people using tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

Email Cortana from any device

Ask Cortana to schedule your meetings from any device, at any time.

Cortana will find the way

Cortana will find the best time to meet with all attendees inside or outside your company, send meeting invites, and follow up on responses.

Two calendars showing optimal meeting times between colleagues.

Secure. Reliable. Scalable.

You control your data

Scheduler works within your Microsoft 365 compliance boundaries and keeps the data inside your organization. You control your data.

Smart technology with human assistance

Increased reliability that will always complete your request by using human assistance to resolve ambiguities and context.

Grows with your needs

Available 24/7 and capable of handling thousands of requests at the same time.

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