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Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview

Stay organized and track what matters. The Microsoft Lists - MSA Preview is available online only and limited to 200,000 Microsoft accounts (MSA) to try at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis.*

Microsoft Lists for work and home

Stay organized

Track and manage work, assets, schedules, contacts, and inventory.

Share and collaborate

Keep everyone in sync and working together in real time.

Work efficiently

Move projects forward with comments, @mentions, and notifications.

Customize your lists

Choose ready-made templates, views, filtering, and color formatting for your lists.

Plan, organize, and manage work with Microsoft Lists

Track and manage work from start to finish. Invite your friends and family to join in.

Stay on top of work with assigned tasks.

Keep your team up to date with important information.

Stay organized and work efficiently.

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Anywhere access

Create, share, and collaborate on lists from all your devices by going to

One list, many views

View your lists as calendars, grids, or galleries.

Start quickly with ready-made templates

Create a list quickly with ready-made templates or by importing data from a Microsoft Excel table.

Everything in one place

Add relevant PDFs, documents, screen shots, images, and videos to any list item for quick access.

Frequently asked questions

  • A preview product is available to customers for evaluation purposes, but not yet completed. Products in preview may undergo changes before becoming available to the public. Microsoft Lists Preview is being provided at no cost for the first 200,000 people to sign up for it with a Microsoft account.

  • Give feedback by clicking the feedback icon in the top navigation while using Microsoft Lists Preview. Once enrolled, you can use Microsoft Lists Preview by signing in at

  • The Microsoft Lists offering included with a paid Microsoft 365 business plan that includes SharePoint allows each user to create 2,000 lists per site collection. Each list can contain up to 30,000,000 items/rows and 1 TB of attachments/storage per user. In addition, this offering includes enterprise-level security and compliance features.

    The Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview allows each user to create 50 lists with each list containing up to 1,500 items/rows and 200 MB of attachments/storage.

    Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview doesn’t currently include search functionality, rules that trigger email notifications, version history, connected lists, Microsoft Teams integration, comments, @mentions, connections to external data sources, integrations with Power Apps and Power Automate, access to Microsoft Lists mobile apps, and many enterprise security and compliance features

  • Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview is available for home, school, or work needs. Get started by signing up at the top of this page with your Microsoft account.

  • Microsoft Lists helps you to organize your work and track important information. Use Microsoft Lists to:

    • Plan and manage content marketing events 
    • Track and respond to customer feedback or issues 
    • Manage hiring onboarding process 
    • Track inventory, assets, or products 
    • Manage production work progress
    • Track product roadmap
    • Track customer quotes, estimates, RFPs, and contracts
    • Manage your social media calendar.

  • If you already have access to Microsoft Lists through your work or school account, continue using Microsoft Lists with that account by signing in here. You can use this preview for non-work-related information tracking.

  • A7  Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview helps you keep track of all your personal and home information. Use it to manage:

    • House or apartment hunting
    • Charitable donations
    • College applications
    • Recipes and menus
    • Gift lists
    • Ongoing book club choices
    • Vacation planning
    • Collections such as wine or art
    • Job applications
    • Home and auto maintenance 

  • [*] Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview is available online only and limited to 200,000 Microsoft accounts on a first-come, first-served basis. Not all features are available for preview and subject to change. By using Microsoft Lists Preview you are agreeing to this license agreement.

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