Apps and workflow automation

Simplify work with integrated apps and workflows in Microsoft Teams.

A screenshot of the Teams App screen in Microsoft Teams for desktop.

Boost productivity with apps for remote work

Choose from over 600 apps for Teams that help you stay connected, engaged, and productive while working remotely.

Make Microsoft Teams work for you

Integrate partner or custom apps, bots, automated workflows, and dashboards with Teams.

Ready-to-use apps

Bring together Microsoft 365 apps and other popular apps you already know and love.

A screenshot of the ready to use apps in Microsoft Teams.
  • Productivity apps

    Increase your team’s productivity with workflow automation apps to simplify how work gets done.

  • Project management apps

    Easily navigate complex projects using process automation apps and tools.

  • Industry-specific apps

    Address industry-specific needs with custom-built apps.


  • Business department apps

    Execute everyday responsibilities with job-specific apps.

Low-code solutions

Quickly build custom apps and digital tools for Microsoft Teams, with little or no development experience.

A screenshot of Power Apps in Microsoft Teams.
  • Power Apps

    Create custom apps to digitize processes and improve efficiency.

  • Power Automate

    Automate repetitive tasks and connect data to improve agility and productivity.

  • Power Virtual Agents

    Build low-code chatbots to provide conversational, AI-driven insights and information.

  • Power BI

    Discuss and visualize data to align teams and confidently make data-driven decisions.

Professional developer apps

Develop custom app solutions to meet your business needs.

A screenshot of the App Details screen in Microsoft Teams.
  • Developer tools

    Enjoy frictionless app development with our set of Microsoft Teams toolkits.

  • Extensibility points

    Expand the reach of your app with tabs, bots, and messaging extensions.

  • UI Elements

    Create rich experiences with adaptive cards, task modules, and notifications.

  • APIs

    Use the Microsoft Graph to enhance apps inside and outside of Teams.

Stay focused with a powerful hub for teamwork

Integrate the apps you need to get work done, so you can focus your attention on what matters.

A cup of coffee on the top left, and next to it is a tablet device showing a colorful, detailed report in Teams, sitting on top of a newspaper.

Simplify work with custom, low-code solutions

Use custom apps, bots, automated workflows, and data to handle repetitive tasks, while you put your expertise to work.

A tablet device showing a crisis communications app in Microsoft Teams, next to a pen and a container with paperclips.

Enhance meetings

Integrate apps and workflows before, during, and after the meeting, to enable more productive, engaging, and inclusive meetings.

A writing pad with a purple pen and a tablet device showing a video meeting in progress on Teams.

See how organizations are driving productivity with Microsoft Teams

Etihad Airways Logo


“What we’ve done with Microsoft Teams and Power Apps represents a real shift in how we communicate, how reporting works, and the ways in which employees can build upon the tools they have at their disposal.”


Abe Dev, Digital Technology and Innovation Value Stream Lead

Telstra Logo


“The lightbulb moment for us came when we realized we could combine our own knowledge and insights with Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform to create simplified tools and processes leading to better customer outcomes and easier work process for our people.”


Richard French, Principal for Field Digitization

NorthwellHealth Logo


“I probably save 90 minutes a day using the app, and I no longer have to carry a stack of papers around…Everything I need to know is right in the app, and the tasks required for each patient on my floor are clearly laid out.”


Emily Laino, a Nurse Manager on a medical-surgical cardiac monitoring floor

UNSWSydney Logo


“How do I work one-one with students, when I have one thousand of them? It’s very reasonable to do this after I automate some of my simpler tasks. That’s what Microsoft Teams and my Question Bot have enabled me to do: Reduce the monotonous tasks - such as grading exam papers - allowing me to focus on the valuable parts of the educational experience, such as communicating more personally with my students. We are using AI to pull humans together, not pull them apart.”


David Kellerman, Senior Lecturer

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Microsoft Teams admins establish policies that dictate which apps are available to users. If you don’t see an app you’d like to use, reach out to your admin to see if it can be made available for your organization.

As an admin, you can view and manage all Teams apps for your organization from the Manage apps page in the Microsoft Teams admin center. Learn more.

Refer to the licensing guidelines for more information about how to license Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow) and Power Virtual Agents. Learn more

View Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program to learn more about adding an app to the Teams app store. Learn more

Get Microsoft Teams for your organization today

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