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Hear about the latest Microsoft AI innovations across work and life.

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The new Microsoft Teams is now generally available

Collaborate more effectively with a faster, simpler, smarter, and more flexible Teams.

More is possible with Microsoft Teams

Simplify collaboration with Teams to level up your work, connect with others for greater impact, and scale your business to achieve more.

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Now two times faster, the new Teams has been reimagined to be simpler, smarter, and more flexible

Scale your business to achieve more together with a faster Teams. AI-powered experiences in Teams make collaboration smarter and easier. Stay in the flow of work with fewer clicks and a simplified design, and collaborate more effectively with people across organizational boundaries.

Drive efficiency with next-generation AI on the frontline

Empower your frontline workers with intelligent operations, seamless communication, and trusted experiences. Learn about Microsoft's generative AI and automated solutions for your frontline workforce.

  • A desktop display of a Teams video call in together mode and a mobile display of another Teams video call.

    Host engaging meetings that drive greater impact with features like PowerPoint Live, Microsoft Whiteboard, and AI-generated meeting notes.*

  • Mobile and desktop displays of an incoming call in Teams.

    Make and receive calls directly in Teams with advanced features like group calling, voicemail, and call transfers.

  • A Teams video call where a presentation on storytelling is being given and a mobile display of chat conversations in Teams.

    Create shared spaces that keep everyone on the same page with features like channels, shared task lists, and collaborative apps.

  • A desktop display of a Teams video call with a presentation and text chat being displayed and a mobile display of a person’s chat profile in Teams.

    Build a fun, more inclusive team culture and connect with others to get things done with features like emojis, suggested replies, and Microsoft Loop components—a table, task, or paragraph that members of a chat can all edit in real time.

See how companies across industries succeed with Teams

Leading organizations rely on Teams to modernize their workplaces

Hear how L’Oréal, Johnson Controls, M&S, and United have built a culture of togetherness and improved business processes with Teams.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Teams

Read The 2023 Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Teams, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, to learn how using Teams delivered a 291% ROI and net benefit value of USD$35 million over three years.

Explore Teams tips and tricks

Keep chats playful with together emojis in Teams

Celebrate a job well done with coworkers using new interactive together emojis that can high-five each other, clink glasses, and enjoy a slice of pizza.

A mobile phone on a table displaying a video call between two people on Teams

Stay productive on the go with Teams Phone

Use transcriptions to capture and find important details from a meeting when you’re on the move and can’t take notes, or seamlessly transfer a call from your laptop to a mobile device with Teams Phone.

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  • [*] AI-generated meeting notes are currently available in Microsoft Teams Premium only.

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