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Microsoft Teams for Manufacturing

Empower all workers, from the factory floor to the customer’s door, with a one-stop shop for frontline optimization.

Three frontline workers wearing protective helmets looking at a tablet device.
Forrester Consulting study finds a 25 percent reduction in factory floor errors over three years with Microsoft Teams for manufacturing workers1

Drive productivity and prepare for the future

Give your manufacturing teams real-time communication tools, process and workflow automation, and continuous learning—all in one easy-to-use app.

Help workers perform at their best

Optimize inspection and maintenance processes and connect your factory workers using Microsoft Teams.

Seamlessly connect your workforce

Bring your frontline workers together so they can quickly respond to changing circumstances.

Provide the right knowledge

Help your teams make decisions in real time by providing all the information they need in one place.

Ensure future-proof productivity for your workforce

Empower manufacturing workers with modern solutions for real-time communication, collaboration, process and workflow automation, and skills development.  

Three mobile phones displaying someone sending an urgent notification over Teams alerting team members of a chemical spill.

Enable real-time communication and collaboration

Equip your entire workforce with the tools and devices they need to better connect, engage, and deliver.

A tablet display of a shift calendar in Teams and a mobile display of the Shifts dashboard in Teams.

Automate processes and workflows

Optimize production and profitability by reducing manual effort from the factory floor to the field.

The Viva Learning dashboard in Teams showing courses that can be taken.

Upskill your workforce for the future

Provide the training and development tools your frontline workers need to succeed today and tomorrow.

Three mobile displays showing the quick and easy setup of a new account with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Streamline and strengthen security

Increase asset and workforce productivity while improving security for IT, OT, and industrial IoT across the manufacturing value chain.

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See how organizations are transforming manufacturing

Give your frontline workers the communication, automation, and reskilling solutions they need with Microsoft Teams.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric boosts connection among employees, speeds digital business transformation with Teams.

The Mitsubishi Electric office.


Siemens offers a more secure, flexible approach to remote work for employees with Teams.

A laptop displaying a Teams video call.

Prepare your frontline manufacturing workers for the future

A page from the e-book about working remote.

Frequently asked questions

  • Frontline workers and managers are shift-based, mobile-first workers. They have various names, such as frontline workers and essential workers. They’re the first to have contact with your customers, the first to work with your product, and the first to represent your brand. For example, your frontline workforce may include store associates, customer service representatives, nurses, doctors, and factory operators.

  • The frontline worker capabilities are available in all Microsoft 365 commercial offerings. Some capabilities are not available in the free version of Teams or in Microsoft offerings for government.

  • Learn more about empowering your frontline workforce with Teams on the Microsoft Teams blog.

  • Microsoft StaffHub was retired on June 30, 2020. StaffHub capabilities are being built into Teams. Learn more.

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  • [1] The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams For Frontline Workers, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2022.

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