Intelligent discovery tools for effective response

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Find, refine, and review data across your organization with intelligent search tools. Respond quickly to discovery scenarios such as litigation, assessments, requests, and investigations with built-in case management workflows.

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Find what you need with intelligent organization-wide search

Granular permissions enable high-fidelity case management, including holds across custodial and shared workspaces.

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Refine your content with advanced analytics

Reduce your content to only the most relevant with advanced analytics and relevance models.

Review and redact with built-in viewer

Validate content that is relevant to your inquiry with built-in review tools. Adjust content with redactions and annotations. Manage more of your eDiscovery requirements from one place.

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Manage Data Subject Requests in GDPR

Use built-in tools to manage DSRs for unstructured data in Office 365 locations such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and more. Use analytics to reduce, review, and modify data before replying.

Maintain compliance with a comprehensive audit log

Microsoft 365 audit capability provides comprehensive audit log information across services. Create audit alerts, monitor reports, and access logs in order to meet internal or external obligations.

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Learn how Microsoft manages eDiscovery in a cloud-first world.

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