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Get Fit and Increase your push up count and endurance. Perform as many push up as you can while following a 3D trainer. Several push up variations included. During the workouts the exercises are animated so you can see a demonstration on how to perform the exercise. You can track your progress and add notes, so that you can push yourself further during each new workout session. Features: • Take Training Challenges There are several challenges for you to choose from to help you achieve your fitness goals. The challenges have various length and goals. You tell the app what your current fitness level is and it customizes the challenge specifically for you! • Create multiple workouts You can create custom workouts and choose which one you would like to perform. • Add exercises to your workout You can customize each workout by selecting which exercises you would like to perform and how many reps you think you can perform at each exercise. This allows you to push yourself to your max while building muscle and endurance at the same time. • Add breaks between exercises You have the option of taking breaks between exercises by setting how long the break should be so that you recover before the next exercise. Taking breaks ensures that you have plenty of energy to perform the next exercise with good form. • Follow your 3D animated workout partner Each exercise feature a 3D model that in some sort works out with you by showing you how the exercise should be performed. • Voice announcements during workouts The apps give you the option to have voice announcement during the workout to let you know where they are in the workout. • Pause the workout You can pause the workout at any time and resume it whenever you’re ready again. • Share your accomplishment with others At the end of the workout you can decide to share your accomplishment with friends and family on social media or other apps. LIKE US FOLLOW US

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