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Sleep Waves WILL provide you with just the right sound you need in order to relax and fall asleep. You have the ability to set and turn on a timer to control how long the sound plays before it shuts off along with mixing sounds to get you that perfect relaxation. 2 awards!!! - Reviewed and rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by -Editors Pick award for **********Releases********** 12/30/2018 - Sleep Waves 3.1 Released. Can Play 7 instead of 4 sounds at a time. Move ads. Code changes/improvements. 09/05/2018 - Sleep Waves 3.0 Released with new UI and added sound along with major code improvements. 05/21/2017 - Added to sound: Dolphins 03/29/2017 - You can now set the background to the image of the selected sound. - You can hide the sounds so that only the background is being displayed - You can make the app full screen by selecting the double arrow in the top right corner. 01/18/2017 - Added ability to dim app screen (Found under settings) - Fixed a timer bug where it counted down faster than it should. 09/22/2016 - Small bug fixes. 09/2/2016 - App will now play in the background on windows 10 mobile on and above! - Added 2 new sounds along with changing 2 sounds 07/05/2016 - Fixed a bug where the multiselect option does not show up on the phone version. 06/10/2015 - Bug fixes/Optimizations. 2 New sounds added! 12/30/2015 - UI Revamp to align with the new windows 10 app design. Bug fixes introduced in Windows 10. Added categories, stop all button, and a new sounds! 01/13/2014 - Added the ability to save your favorite sounds/combinations. You can save up to 3 different combinations. 08/21/2014 - Major Update that now allows the selection of multiple sounds at once and adjust their volumes independently from on another. - Removed random play of sounds option Please report all bugs to --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds Include: -Sprinkler -Sea Shore -Thunder -Wind -Waterfall -Rain -City -Wind Chimes and Rain -Train -Outdoor Camping -Light Rain -Rainforest -Fire -Fan -Inside Flying Airplane -Lullaby -Creek -Tin Roof -Snow -Sleet -Piano -Cabin Storm -Leaf Rain -Street Storm -Beach -Box Fan -Dolphin Instructions (No particular order) 1. Select the number of minutes to play the sound(leave at 0 for unlimited play) 2. Slide the sleep timer to the on position to start the timer count down(Must have minutes added.). 3. Choose a sound by clicking on the image. "Name of Sound" will be displayed across the image if it is curretnly active. 4. To change app options select the options menu from the settings button - Default Time on Startup 5. To play multiple sounds, select the multi select option and click on the desired sounds to play. Select the single select option and click on a non playing sound to go back to playing one wave at a time. 6. To save a selection make sure all desired sounds are playing and then click the save icon on the bottom right hand side and choose a save slot. If there is already sounds saved in the slot it will light up green, they can be overwritten. 7. To load a selection click the disk icon and choose load and select what slot to load from. I For Xbox Users: 1. Left stick to move the mouse pointer 2. Right stick to scroll up and down on areas where you can. 3. 'A' button selects sounds/items. 4. To change the volume of a sound press and hold 'A' while the pointer is over the volume bar and use the left stick to raise or lower the volume. Release 'A' when you have the desired volume. **If app hangs at the splash screen, check to see if antivirus needs permissions to run the app. This happened to me on AVAST **If sounds fail to play in background and you have the Steam desktop app installed, please close it to see if that fixes it. It did for me.

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