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Swival is a newly invented board game that requires a high degree of skill and strategy as required say by Chess and Checkers. The Swival board consists of three concentric circles described as: an OUTER circle, a MIDDLE circle, an INNER circle together with a fourth winning CENTER circle. Two sets of counters are used one being RED and the other being BLACK. The game can be played either as; - RED player vs Black Player, or, - RED player vs Black Computer The object of the game is for each player (or the computer), to be the first to obtain a straight LINE OF THREE counters; - one being placed in the OUTER circle - one being placed in the MIDDLE circle - one being placed in the INNER circle thereby allowing a fourth WINNING counter to be placed on the center WINNING circle anytime during their next moves. Swival also introduces a brand new concept that permits each Player (or Computer) to freely rotate the MIDDLE circle itself either; - one place to the LEFT (anti-clockwise), or, - one place to the RIGHT (clockwise) immediately after each move thereby allowing a complex re-arrangement of all the RED and BLACK counters played so far. Hence the final object of forming a winning LINE OF THREE counters, suddenly becomes a much more difficult task to achieve.

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