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Addictive Game to enhance your vocabulary & typing skills. This game encourages you to learn new words, their meanings, usages and synonyms while improving your typing skills as well. :) Build your vocabulary and increase your typing speed with this typing master & vocabulary game for your device. Help yourself every day to learn the 6000+ most important words for English language! Our app helps you improve your typing speed, vocabulary, spellings and prep for various tests – now you can practice and improve your vocabulary anywhere, any time! Learn new words with definition, example sentences, synonyms, usages etc. everyday. Learn typing and find how fast you can type. The app has a rich set of words like hard/medium/easy. Letters are highlighted to help you focus on vocabulary & typing. This is the best game that can guarantee you to improve your typing skills & vocabulary with eyes closed. Your subconscious mind will automatically get accustomed to the key locations of the keyboard as you play this game regularly and you will also retain words in memory for longer duration. You will be able to improve your typing speed and have lots of fun while playing. Why our GAME… ✓ 6000+ vocab words picked for you ✓ Definitions and example sentences for every word ✓ Type the words so that you learn the spellings on the go. ✓ Designed for fun and learning that really sticks ✓ Easy and friendly to use. ✓ No Ads ✓ Offline Mode: No Internet Required. No Data Collection ✓ Immediate input for typing the word instead of having to click to enter it. ✓ Automatically check the word to see if it is correct rather than having to click on the word check. ✓ Soft Music Game Features ————————— Realistic graphics and ambient sound. Realistic stunning and amazing animations. Real-time particles & effects Smooth and simple controls. User friendly interface and interactive graphics. Download the Vocabulary Builder & Typing Master to increase your typing speed & enhance vocabulary knowledge. HOW TO PLAY: 1. Type the word which is shown in the field before time expires. 2. You are given points on how quickly and accurately you type. 3. For every mistype you get -2 points. 4. After typing the word, press the 'CHECK' button to validate. 5. Click the 'CONTINUE' button to move to the next word. 6. Click the 'MORE INFO' button to know more about the typed word like Part of Speech, Meaning, Usage and Synonym. So are you ready to build your vocab & practice in a fun way! This is one of the very unique Word Games and is a very new Word Game. This game is a fresh take on games like Word Search games, Word Puzzle Games and Word Connect Games. Come, Enjoy this New Word Game !!!

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