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World Open to be explored 3D! • 8 different types of zombies and monsters • NPC allies to help yourself against the zombie apocalypse! • Perspective on First and Third person so that both fans of FPS and TPS fans be happy! • with constant improvements and bug fixes Updates. Suggestions are welcome! • System inventory consists of items such as food and storing various types of medications to help you during the apocalypse! History: On a normal day , without any prediction without fanfare , the sky gets darker , meteorologists are amazed , astronomers watching satellites and telescopes can not understand the situation , scientists and scholars from around the world are becoming apprehensive and people on the streets just panic. Gradually , an object of spherical shape , the minute will cover the sun . The day turns to night , the sun is fully covered by the spherical shape , and the total solar eclipse starts. In place of the yellow crown formed by sunlight, will crown forming a sinister red light . And in an instant , where before all people on the planet who normally lived their day assigned by the sun , are taken by a flash of red light that settles deep in the retinas of their eyes , leaving them completely disoriented and confused people in Panic a collective , each individual tries to hide , but it was too late . After a few minutes , people affected by red light will gradually fainting and being led to death from multiple organ failure . The survivors , who at the time of the eclipse were not exposed to the flash of red light , trying to go bury your friends , relatives and pets , however, are surprised by something very unexpected, the dead , after a few hours , raised and begin attacking and devour the survivors . The apocalyptic event does not stop there , and spherical shape takes the sun's rotation , causing terror to other parts of the planet.

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