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Checkout your marksman skills in shooting down the escaping prisoners from the jail prison. As a Police sniper shooter lay down on the floor and take the perfect killing shot of escaping prisoners chased down by the police wardens and K-9 German Shepherd dogs in the prison compound. As a police sniper on prison guard duty your job is to prevent prisoners from escaping and carrying out riots and fight, shoot prisoner police sniper is a FPS sniper shooting game that has never been seen before, the unique gameplay makes it a 3D sniper game with high tensions and the full excitement of sniper missions. Shoot Prisoner Police Sniper is an action packed game. Police snipers are on the watch and they have the straight orders for shoot to kill the escaping prisoners from Alcatraz jail and San Andreas, to be on the watch is a full and hard time job. Shoot Prisoner Police Sniper squad is on special duty and spying from the jail tower and eliminating the culprit prisoners, take control of the panic situation and don’t let CHAOS breakout. Live life of prison police sniper guard assigned on sniper duty. The sniper elite swat mission is to prevent prison riots and chaos in central jail. Drug cartel and mafia gangsters are spending hard time in prison life. Stay vigilant for any riot or prison break attempt. It’s hard time looking after the prison security and guarding the prisoners inside the San Andreas prison. Previously working as special assassin agent and modern sniper in the army, you have given this task as an special agent and superior SWAT elite command sniper to watch the towers of the prison jail. Once a prisoner tries to escape the prison, your duty is to take the best kill and headshot, sniper assassin fury the aim and shoot him immediately. As a marine you have been engaged in as a specialist American sniper and hitman with modern sniper techniques, watch the border of Alcatraz Jail. It's your duty now to watch out prisoners and criminals. The city Shoot Prisoner Police Snipers is chasing the escaped criminals and prisoners with their sniper gun scope. The deputed snipers are greasing up the gears on roads to chase the most wanted criminal of underworld escaped from the prison. The security of the jailbreak and of the city is in your hands now as the gangster or the criminal escaping from will be the threat of crime to the city. The elite force has been called along with the SWAT and special ops sniper shooters, the have to take the best kill headshot and be the best bravo shooters to kill all the escaped prisoners involved in illegal dealings and killer activities in city. The prisoners have also taken up the civilians as hostages and are hiding. As the best bravo police sniper prisoner shooter you have to chase the target and eliminate them. Shoot Prisoner Police Sniper involves angry prisoner bird, brave police officer on duty, sniper riffles, gunshots, prison break escape missions and criminal chasing. The Shoot Prisoner Police Sniper target zombie prisoners are kept separately in the horrific jail; it will not be an easy task to control the vicious prisoners. You will have to kill psychotic prisoners to take control of your jail. Put on your extreme sniper shooting stealth gear mode to chase sneak out prisoners and criminal cell inmates and gang members in this amazing shoot prisoner police sniper the FPS shooting game, criminals, assassins, hitman and other dangerous criminals are locked in the city prison. Stick to your police sniper mission and eliminate your targets in this Shoot Prisoner Police Sniper game, feel the thrill ramp up when the bad guys escape.

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