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Poisonous virus spread during transformation of Biological Weapons in national defense laboratory. Primarily Laboratory staff infected with poisonous virus and now city people are turning into living dead Zombies causing chaos. As a time passing Zombies are increasing and being more powerful so they must be stop to live in the non-populated areas and stop converting peoples into Zombies! Government is trying to quarantine the infected areas, but failing completely. As a final decision Ranger taken charge on the task to rescue the city peoples first and probably save the world with their Sniper shooting skills. Now put yourself as a virtual sniper shooter of squad using Apache helicopter to complete the tasks and it’s time to show action because humanity needs to save citizens and eliminate the areas where Zombies have attacked on innocent peoples. Enjoy the real-time action and clear head-shots of Zombies will earn you extra points to unlock the latest HK, M16 rifles and MK11 sniper gun. ***** How Good A Zombie Hunter Are You? ***** • The faster you kill the better scores you earn. • Make your shot count to improve accuracy. • Rescue all survivors. ***** HOW TO PLAY ***** • Simple touch and drag to rotate axis • Aim zombies and shoot them to earn points • Head shots will earn you high scores • Use the zoom option to have the clear view • Complete all 4 missions and save people So what are you waiting for? Download the free game and start action with your rifle against zombies.

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AppStream Studios

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2016 AppStream Studios

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AppStream Studios

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39,62 MB

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Para mayores de 13 años



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English (United States)

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