This event brings the best content from Microsoft Ignite directly to you and is led by Microsoft experts and communities who build and run Microsoft cloud services. Whether you’re developing innovative apps or delivering optimized solutions, Microsoft Ignite The Tour is a series of free-to-attend events targeting 30 markets around the world, and will help you evolve your skills, deepen your expertise, and prepare you to face tomorrow’s challenges, today.

Registrants who have completed the registration process who experience trouble logging back into the registration website should clear their browser cookies and cache and relaunch the browser. Opening the browser in an "in private" or "incognito" browser session is recommended. Go to the website and select the same login method ('Microsoft Account', 'LinkedIn', ‘GitHub’ button) and credentials previously used to register. If you are still having issues, please contact the Microsoft Ignite The Tour registration team.

The event is free to attend (no admission fee). Attendees are responsible for covering all costs associated with travel, transportation, parking, accommodations, and any additional meals not covered as part of the event.

Microsoft does not provide hotel accommodations, offer a hotel block, or discounts. Attendees are responsible for making and paying for their own hotel reservations.

Attendees are welcome to bring personal devices, but computers are not required.

Internet access will be available to attendees at no charge. Details for accessing the event Wi-Fi will be provided onsite and in the event app.

Attendees are strongly encouraged not to bring cameras due to photography restrictions and to prevent possible loss. Photography is prohibited within session rooms. It is permitted in public spaces for generic photos of the overall event, but consent should be obtained from individuals before their photographs are taken.

Microsoft Ignite The Tour does not offer certification or education credits for attending the event.

Although the event does not require a specific dress code, business casual is recommended. Attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably for sitting, standing, and some walking.

We are unable to assist attendees with an invitation letter for a visa application.

A continental breakfast, light lunch, and coffee breaks will be provided, and snacks with beer and wine (depending on local customs) will be available during evening activities.

Microsoft plans for attendees with many dietary requirements and most attendees will find suitable choices within our standard options. Special meals will be offered for lunch, and attendees may choose one during the registration process.

At Microsoft, we strive to deliver a fully accessible and inclusive event experience for every attendee. We will do our best to help with any specific mobility, vision, hearing, or other kinds of considerations that may be required to help you get the most out of the event. Attendees may submit a request during the registration process.

Request deadline

The deadline to submit accessibility and personal consideration requests is 15 business days before the event. Every effort will be made to accommodate late requests; however, requests received after the deadline will be fulfilled based on availability. Attendees will be contacted directly by email to discuss specific requirements.

Open captioning

All breakout sessions will have captioning on screens to supplement audible presentation content. Small format or interactive content experience may require alternate solutions for deaf or hard of hearing attendees, which can be arranged directly with our concierge team.

Reserved seating in sessions

Various options are available for reserved seating in sessions, depending on your needs. A personal concierge team member will work with you on the details.

Sign language

More information about requesting an interpreter will be available during the registration process.

Wheelchair and scooter rentals

Wheelchairs and motorized scooters may be available to rent with advanced notice and at the attendee's expense. Additonal instructions will be provided during the registration process.

Mother’s room

A private and secure mother’s room will be available at the event. We will provide a table, padded chair, and electrical for your convenience. Please plan to bring any additional items you will require. Additional details will be emailed to those noting this consideration.

Meditation, prayer, quiet room

A space will be made available to allow all individuals to experience a place for peace, prayer, meditation and/or reflection throughout the day.

For all other questions, please contact the Microsoft Ignite The Tour registration team.

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