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(Warning: This game supports only partial English at present time, though you can translate plots on your own. You can see the trailer for the method to edit plot files.) Background: In the far future, a programmer is dismissed by the company because his knowledge is out of date. Because of lack of necessary living resources, he is relocated to an experimental world, where he will find out the exact meaning of the ancient Chinese art of Fairy Culmination (Xiuxian). Unlimited Expansion: This game is released initially as a 400, 000 square meters open-world game (with the player height set at 1.55 meters). With every 1000 copies sold (including Linux and Mac version), another 200, 000 square meters will be added free of charge, with plots and vehicles. Play Style: The main style is FPS-RPG and path planning. FPS games are always fast, but this game provide a slow-paced shooting system with an emphasis on distance calculations. Items with different rarities can be dropped throughout the game. The main plot would involve the player to find the correct path on a 9 node graph which are distributed on the entire map. Plots: Plots are fully voiced. Press any of the 1, 2, 3, 4 number keys to continue conversations. If you are using gamepads, those keys would be D-pads. Game Settings: After the first run, a folder with all save files with the name bofc0 is created under the Documents directory (or the user directory when there is no Documents directory). You can copy and edit keys.txt under the game directory to this bofc0 folder to customize control keys. Music volume can be controlled by modifying the number in music_volume.txt under the game directory. Command-line: This game supports command line control. For example, you can press Enter to invoke the input, type the command additem, then an item will be dropped near the player.

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Fixed Nvidia card glitching caused by a glsl code problem. Added free trial.


  • An FPS-RPG and path planning open-world game. Build with a casual shooting style not seen among mainstream game engines.

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Players may use background music in their own projects. See the Chinese license information for details.

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