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Spades is a partnership whist trick-taking card game. The aim of the game is to be the first partnership to reach more than 500 points. The premium version is completely ad free! Play Spades campaigns against the computer players in our take on this classic card game. Check your all time and session stats to see if you are improving over time. It takes real skill to beat the computer players with their perfect memory. Spades is a simple game to learn, but it will take a while to master! How Spades plays: After the cards are dealt evenly between the four players, each player will bid on the number of tricks they think they can win. The player left of the dealer will lead first. Each player must play one card in a clockwise order, following suit where they can. The winner of each trick is the player who plays the highest card matching the suit of the first player to play. If you cannot follow suit you can play any card from your hand. No player may lead with a spade until the first spade is played ('spades are broken'). At the end of each round, the total tricks taken by both team members is totalled. Each partnership receives 10 points for each trick bid if the bid is successful, or -10 for each bid trick if the partnership fails to take as many tricks as they bid. If any player bids 'nil' for a round, the partnership receives 100 bonus points if the player takes no tricks, but -100 points if the nil bid fails.

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Added the option to replay the hand from either the bid or from the play Added the ability to review each trick played during a round


  • Multiple game settings allow you to choose your favorite brand of spades.
  • Play against the AI partnership in either easy or hard mode.
  • 6 Different color schemes and 16 different card backs to choose from.
  • Completely ad free.
  • Spades is a simple game to learn, but it will take a while to master!
  • Review each trick taken during the round
  • Replay the hand from either the bidding or the play
  • Play partnership or solo spades

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