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Elemental Heroes is a PVP MMO RPG with classical turn based combat. You will fight monsters, collect resources, improve your magic and army - do everything to win real people in tough PVP! There is a world consisting of three portals to fight and to explore. Each portal has its own rules, opponents and treasures. Will you be a part of this world or will you rule it? You can find many useful details about the game here: See you in game!

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Hey guys! We have prepared something for you! Craft! Now you you have a great opportunity to use all your artifacts that took all the precious space in your bags! - Inventory window now have new tabs: Workshop and Altar - Workshop allows to create new items from the existing ones: white to green, green to blue ones. - An attempt to use blue or gold artifacts in workshop will lead a creation of new artifact of the same color with no obvious profit. - Altar allows to create Enhancement Crystals. - Enhancement Crystals allows to improve the parameters of the artifacts of the same color (as the crystal). - The maximal amount of enhancements per artifact is 5. - If you don't like the enhancement, you may remove it, but for the price. Quick Spell Panel After many requests, we have finally added the QSP to let you use spells faster in the battle. It is simple to use it: just drag and drop the spell on the panel, during the battle. Shop We decided to conduct the experiment and added the booster with the Raid Boss cards. It should not be easy to get them there, but for now there should be more justice for people who people who can't play too long. Other improvements - With full manna, only one number is now shown (maximal manna pull amount) - More verifications added to prevent spell casting on the incorrect targets - Fixed a hang on Arena, when one of the opponents surrendered - Sound effects volume is now restored correctly at game start. Have fun! :)


  • Strategy style world exploration
  • Classical turn based combat system (like in old good heroes)
  • Free world PVP in the atmospeheric game universe
  • PVE battles with monsters
  • Upgradeable magic and army
  • Unique concurrent PVP game mode for high level players
  • Numerous artifacts with random parameters
  • Live chat
  • Dungeons with treasures
  • Powerful raid bosses
  • Lots of new game content in upcoming updates and lots of real players that will make your game experience always new!

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mPower Games Studio

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mPower Games Studio

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859,71 MB

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Para mayores de 7 años


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