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Light Party is a controller for Philips Hue lights available for Windows 10. Its main feature is a party mode, where you can sync your lights to your music live! You can adjust the setting so that the brightness and the color of your lights change with the volume of the music, that they change randomly every given seconds or that the color changes when volume difference is greater than given percent. This application supports "White and Color" and "White Ambiance" bulbs, too. That means that this application not only works with bulbs that support all colors, but that it's supporting bulbs which can only display color temperatures, too! Moreover, you can control multiple Philips Hue lights with just a few clicks. Just click on them and change the color or the brightness. This does also work when you choose bulbs with different color spectra. Light Party has a clean and modern interface that uses the newest design philosophy. Therefore, the whole application supports dark and light mode so that you don't go blind in the night and recognize something on the day. Last, but certainly not least, Light Party is also completely free and open source. Do you think that something is missing in this app and understand some code? Just add it to the app yourself (Of course, you can just send me an email, too). Moreover, there's not a single ad in this application. You can support me by sharing to application with others or by rating it. Thanks!

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