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Ever wanted to know how far your favorite spots were and which were closest in "real" drive time? Or, maybe you were visiting friends and Local Scout couldn't find what you were looking for... nor how long it would take you to get there? Now you can quickly figure out when you'll reach your destinations by car or on foot. Imagine having a tightly planned itinerary for the day and knowing when you should leave each stop... and exactly how to get there. Powerful! Interactive Features: - Integration with Nokia HERE (Drive+ and Maps) - Drive, Walk & Transit Navigation - Directions - Estimates include the influence of real-time traffic data - Compass bearing for individual routes (when supported by device hardware) - Search for start and end points by name - Use a specific starting point or your current location for each route - Automatic updates when you're in motion and the app is open Things to note: - This app uses more power and data than most because it frequently checks your position and updates your routes when it detects a change. If you're away from a charging source and/or Wi-Fi you'll probably want to close the app when you've got what you need. - Several more "killer app" and "convenience" features coming soon!

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