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Non-stop all action Multiplayer Megabrawl. Full character and equipment trading system. The invention of fusion power reactors providing limitless free clean energy ECN mining making safer more secure wealth products. In built mission trading system decentralises the storyline of the game to each contributors perspective. Any character playing once or more in the gaming universe is available as addons to play with or against. Complete downloadable missions for rewards and unlocks using the Quantum Angel Data Layer. Fully persistant real world currency game mechanics, allowing withdraw coin on Extra e-coin exchange. Completely Destructable 3d World in the form of Destructable Voxel Technology. Approximated 3 bounce Indirect light calculation and other methods of Global Illumination. Reprensenting an Artificially Intelligent Adjustable Fighting Branch the source code can be found on or google "stormmorr/QuantumAngel" Streetfighter-esc power moves activated witha roll of the movement buttons 'WASD'. For example Power Combo 1 is 'D''S''W' - 'D''S''W' then Punch Button '1' or try the Kick Button '2' Player Two controls are 'IJKL' '8''9'

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  • Multiplayer currently two player, third player planned on mouse
  • 7 layers of Animation
  • 500 moves Activated Instantly
  • Unlimited possible combinations of Combos
  • Global Illumination Approximation
  • Real world exchangable digital currency ECN (ecoin visual light miner on app store)

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