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Rise of Dragons is a 3D magic RPG game, 3D ultra-clear image quality, bring the real feeling of simulation reality, 3D seamless map free exploration, multiple career free conversion, join the camp to make yourself strong, ride the dragon Jump to the Yongsheng Dragon Hall to gain the power of the ancient dragons and save the people! ! ! Contact Us Facebook: Game features: ——Huge Storyline The story system of dozens of world maps across the domain, the guild, BOSS copy, character training, and strengthening! The storyline is endless, with thousands of copies and 1000 weapons and equipment to choose from. ——Exquisite and delicate picture, the pinnacle of 3D games The picture finish is high, and the realistic sound makes the tension atmosphere even more exciting. Characters, monsters and backgrounds are lively and vivid. ——Passionate BOSS battle, get the gods equips With a variety of different difficulty copies, players will challenge themselves and face more than 30 different super-large BOSS! Warriors, Masters, Rangers and other occupations join hands to attack, relying on strength to obtain the best equipment! ——Many mounts appearance changes With the illusion function, you can unlock hundreds of mounts, and the loyal partners will follow each other. More dazzling wings will be striking, and the task will be free to collect the pattern to create your own personal appearance. ——Battlefield real-time fair PK It's time to show real power! Super strong sense of shock, the thrill of the arena, the return of the king, who is fighting in the arena!

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Optimization: 1. Optimized the guild member list sorting display. 2. Optimized the Master's use of flash skills, now the operation is more smooth 3. When using the skill, the shortcut bar skill icon is refreshed and the skill and cooling skills are now clearly identifiable 4. When there is a large ore, the main interface displays the crystal mine icon 5. Players who enter the ice battlefield late can get personal stamp compensation 6. Optimize the distribution of the frozen battlefield camp


  • Huge Storyline
  • Exquisite and delicate picture, the pinnacle of 3D games
  • Passionate BOSS battle, get the gods equips
  • Many mounts appearance changes
  • Battlefield real-time fair PK

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