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A skill-based spectacle of the classics of old with a dash of retro charm and a heaping injection of kick butt adrenaline. Master drift and upgrade your fighter to become the top pilot in the galaxy, or team up with up to three of your comrades and decimate the enemy. Fly solo, or with up to three of your friends, against a seemingly insurmountable threat that is after your precious sun. Defend your solar system in a Campaign that progresses from tame introductory levels to epic high-octane space battles that will challenge even the most experienced pilots. As the campaign progresses and the threat continues to grow, so will the kinds of weapons at your disposal. Perform advanced maneuvers while dodging asteroids, mines, and enemy missiles, as you upgrade the capabilities of your ship and rack up higher and higher scores. Keep your ship and outrider attachments in good repair, or watch your precious power-ups float off into the darkness of space for the taking.

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Novedades de esta versión

Support for Xbox Live including stats and leaderboards. Improved demo experience.


  • Damage system based off physical, mechanical, and electrical properties.
  • Single player, or up to 4 local competitive/cooperative players.
  • Share one screen for all players, or split the screen giving dedicated space for each.
  • Three configurable control options, play using Classic Asteroids, Hybrid, or Twin-stick modes.
  • Additional themes include a classic vector display and CRT simulation.
  • Local and global leaderboards including daily, weekly, and monthly boards.
  • Demo limited to 15 minutes or through level 4.

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DynF/X Digital LLC

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Asistencia de Solaroids: Prologue Demo

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