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Trackus is a geoloc app that allow you to send your position to a friends. This application can answer common questions usally asked via SMS like "Where are you", "When do you come back home ?", "Please, send us a text when you'll arrive". You could use Trackus instead, so your familly or friends will know in real time where you are. Use Trackus when your friends wants to meet you in a bar, to be sure that your husband knows where you are when you are jogging. Your kids are going to school by themself, use Trackus. You are doing risky sport alone ? Send a Trackus in case of injuries, so rescue can come sooner. This app is free, we do not sell your information, we do not give them to a third. Trackus is based on a random code to make you anonymous. Furthermore, we delete all data every 48h(will be operationnal after beta release, in order to debug the app). So you are wondering how we earn ? Well for now we don't ! To be honest, the we don't exist, I am a single french freelance developper. (Please if the app is not so well, be fair in comments, it needs time before getting a killing app), and help will be thanksfull. By the way, Trackus can be used in multi-user way. Use the same code for an event. For exemple, you are meeting to a central point with lots of friends. Ask all of them to use Trackus with the same code, so you'll know who is already there and who is on the run. All tracks are shown on the map. Trackus is simply usefull !

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