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This is a quirky take on a match 3 style game. SOLO mode You're a solo player? Well, we've got you covered. If you feel you're up for a challenge, play the Ai bosses or challenge friends on time attack modes, Triple Trouble has great replayability, you can easily pick up and understand the gameplay. However, getting skilled and be the best at it takes a truly skilled player. TWO PLAYERS Now, this is where you will get great excitement, your heart will be racing as your frantically trying to match tile sets and strategically dealing attacks to do the most damage to the second player. Act fast and accurate to see who is the true champion. FOUR PLAYERS PARTY This speaks for itself, you're going to have a great fast paced pick up and play party game that many ages can enjoy, bring a bunch of friends or family members around and have a 4 player battle for the ultimate party experience Triple Trouble can offer. You're going to have a Roarsome time in any play style. Bonus info Our game doesn't just pack great gameplay features it also has Accessibility at its core, Triple Trouble can be played with numerous control methods, thumbstick is the defaults but you could also use D-Pad if this suits or keyboard keys which could all be mapped with accessibility controllers. To top that off Triple Trouble can also be played hands-free with Head and Eye-tracking software. 20% of the sale goes towards Special Effect Disabled Gaming Charity. My son Holden and I hope you enjoy our game it has been created with passion and we have already improved our game due to community feedback. Feel free to join us on any social media we are on. So what are you waiting for click BUY and have a great game for yourself and the family you won't regret it, we are open to any feedback good or bad as it all helps us improve.

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4 Player Party Mode 4x Ai bosses 4x Self-learning Smart Ai profiles per Gamertag 2x New Colour themes Custom Ai setup 3 settings for Thumbstick sensitivity Extra animations Special Effect Logo's when theme active


  • Competitive Gameplay
  • 2 Player Battles
  • 4 Player Party Battles
  • Reaction Training
  • Great For Players Of All Ages
  • Time Attack Leaderboards
  • Ai Bosses For Solo Play
  • Stunning Sound Track
  • Great Pick Up And Play Game
  • Hours Will Be Lost In TTde

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David Gould


Digital Gamez

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David Gould / Digital Gamez

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311,29 MB

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Para mayores de 3 años


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