Little Triangle

Little Triangle

14,99 € incluido IVA
14,99 € incluido IVA

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Little Triangle is a well-established fun to play platformer also featuring a mini BATTLE ROYALE mode. The game offers more than 60 cute and funny triangle skins, countless NPCs, a bunch of bosses, and amusing level designs with tons of details. This game is extremely easy to pick up and the fun comes immediately when you start to play. It aims to be one of the most exciting and hilarious party game while also retain great fun in solo mode. The platformer mode features jumping as its core playing experience and two difficulty levels, casual or hardcore, are available for players to choose from. You can play solo or invite up to four friends to start a multiplayer game. The gameplay appears simple, just control little triangle to clear the level using jump or double jump. However, it can be quite challenging especially since each level offers a dramatically different design. The mini battle royale is an enhanced mode with different mechanics and is aiming to deliver a hilarious experience. The move and jump are the same as the platformer mode, but to win you must learn how to attack and hide. It is proved to be the most engaging mode that friends and family can always enjoy and have fun. You can attack opponents by either jumping onto their heads or using various kinds of weapons and utilizing different mechanics in each map.

Disponible en

Xbox One

Xbox One




  • Cooperación local de Xbox Live (2-4)
  • Multijugador local de Xbox Live (2-4)
  • Un jugador
  • Logros de Xbox Live
  • Presencia de Xbox Live
  • Cosas guardadas en la nube de Xbox Live
  • Xbox Live

Notas de la versión

Número de versión: Varía según el dispositivo

It is great to release as an Xbox Play Anywhere game.

Requisitos del sistema

Se aplican solo a equipos y teléfonos.
SO Windows 10
Arquitectura x64
Teclado No especificado
Mouse No especificado
Controladora No especificado
SO Windows 10
Arquitectura x64
Teclado Teclado integrado
Mouse Mouse integrado
Controladora Controladora de Xbox

Información adicional

Publicado por

Tamaño aproximado de la descarga
2,16 GB

Acción y aventura

  • Clasificación por edades
  • Información Paneuropea sobre Juegos

    PEGI 12


Esta aplicación puede
Tiene acceso a la conexión de Internet

Puedes instalarlo en un equipo con Windows 10 y tener acceso cuando estás conectado a tu cuenta Microsoft

Idioma compatible
English (United States)

Información del anunciante
Asistencia de Little Triangle

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