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Cooking Town co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is a time-management casual game centered around food. In the game, the player will become a passionate gourmet and embark on a journey to explore the world's cuisine. From a traditional home kitchen to a busy and luxurious star restaurant, you will personally prepare delicious dishes from all over the world. Through careful cooking and creative collocation, mouth-watering new dishes are created to satisfy customers' various tastes. 🍕The game provides a variety of ingredients and recipes, allowing you to give full play to your creativity. From fresh seafood to colorful vegetables, from fragrant spaghetti to rich Asian cuisine, you can create unique and exclusive recipes through your own choices and cooking skills. 🍳Cooking Town embodies a strong gourmet atmosphere with exquisite graphics and realistic sound effects, making you feel like you are in a real cooking scene. The operation is simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily enjoy the fun of the game. In addition to cooking, the game also includes management elements. You need to reasonably arrange the purchase of ingredients and equipment upgrades in the restaurant to improve production efficiency and customer satisfaction. By continuously expanding the restaurant business, you can unlock more urban restaurants and experience various food cultures. 🥩In this food world full of adventures and challenges, constantly improve your cooking skills, attract more customers, and become a star chef. Ready to show off your cooking talents? Join Cooking Town to start your food journey! 👨‍🍳Game Features 🥣Cook delicious dishes from around the world From steak burgers🍖 to seafood barbecues🍔; from dessert cakes🍩 to gourmet delicacies, only you can't think of it, and we can't do it! Each special theme shop is ready for chefs with fresh ingredients and rich dishes, waiting for you chefs to show your skills! 🏠Open special flavor theme shops The lovely melting dessert store, the fragrant burger store, the elegant steak shop, the low-key classical breakfast shop, each of the fantastic and exquisite stores are guaranteed to make you praise! Improve your cooking skills, master the cooking methods of each cuisine, unlock more thematic shops and become a real world famous chef! 🍽Master your cooking strategies Quickly improve your cooking skills and master the cooking recipes for each cuisine. The difficulty of the level will increase with the number of times you pass the level, and you will be able to get extra coins and achievements by serving food in a row, which may also be the key to turn the situation around. 🥄Upgrade ingredients and cooking utensils Upgrading ingredients will increase your income and upgrading cooking utensils will reduce your cooking time. When you complete the tasks provided by the system, you will be able to unlock more of these tools to create the perfect type of food to meet the needs of your customers, thus gaining more manufacturing menus. 🕒Rational use of game props All the items and props in the screen can be used. Using these items can quickly improve the efficiency of making food, and at the same time attract more customers to experience. 💡Come to Cooking Town and cook food from all over the world! Simple operation, a variety of ingredients, reasonable management of time, to run your own world chain of shops! ——-———————————————— Facebook: Discord: Email: MG Help + support:

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  • Very unique and innovative gameplay
  • You can cook unique food from different countries
  • You can learn different ways of cooking food in the game
  • Upgrade your Kitchenware and food to get different experience

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