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Mood Scanner is a high tech futuristic fingerprint scanner app that tries to determine your mood based on your thumb print scan. Simply place your thumb (or mouse pointer) on the scan tray and wait for the scan to complete. Don't take your finger off too soon or the scan will abort! When the scan is done, the app will attempt to determine what your mood is. Mood Scanner is better than your typical horoscope app, because the results are tailored to you based on your fingerprint readings. It's fun and free and the app will probably impress the ladies as well. I see nothing but pros here. Mood Scanner is meant for entertainment purposes only. Because the accuracy of a fake thumbprint scan in determining how you feel cannot be guaranteed, I do not recommend using Mood Scanner in a professional environment. I realize that many professionals, particularly those in the field of psychology, may be tempted to use this fingerprint scanner to diagnose their patients. Because of this, I must point out that Mood Scanner is only guaranteed to be as accurate as your standard crackerjack box mood ring. Still, it is a great app for fooling your friends, pranking your coworkers, or getting the girl. I am always looking to improve upon my apps, so if you have any suggestions on how I can make Mood Scanner better, please e-mail me or leave a comment and I will try to get to it ASAP. This app is for you guys! Once again, please enjoy Mood Scanner, now go find out how you are feeling!

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Ape Apps

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2012-2019 Ape Apps

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Ape Apps

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English (United States)

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