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Now you can relieve stress and anxiety, lower high blood pressure and overcome sleeplessness with three easy breathing exercises. What might sound too simple to be true, is actually based on latest scientific research and is used to treat patients at rehab facilities and in clinical environments. So let's take a closer look at Breath Ball's breathing exercises and what they can do for you: Breath Ball provides breathing exercises for three use cases: • The cardiac coherence breathing exercise is used to relieve stress and anxiety. It is thought to patients at rehab and bio-feedback trainings to help them get calm and relax. • Slow paced breathing is a complementary treatment against hypertension (high blood pressure). It goes back to Prof. Dr. Loew and is commonly used in clinical environments. • Dr. Andrew Weil’s famous 4:7:8 breathing technique is used to get calm to fall asleep. Each of these breathing exercises comes with a short tutorial that will get you started in less than three minutes. Beside that you can create your own breathing exercises; something our yoga and pranayama practitioners enjoy a lot. Privacy concerns? Please note: We truly value your privacy. Breath Ball does not collect any of your personal data. There is no Facebook integration and there are no social sharing features included. If you decide to use this app, you do so absolutely anonymous. Breath Ball is a philanthropic project and you are more than welcome to use it. In case of questions or suggestions feel free to drop as an email at Thanks for reading. Feel free to download Breath Ball now.

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