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Get your iCloud Photos & Videos - Organized ! Physically organizes your photo and video downloads folder from Apple’s iCloud app. Please note that we and this app have no affiliation with Apple. Apple’s downloader saves your photos, videos, live photos, and photo stream into a simple “year” based folder hierarchy (update: the latest version just dumps everything in the one folder). Unfortunately, having thousands of photos in a folder doesn’t make life easy when it comes to finding anything, especially when Windows doesn’t support Apple’s HEIC photo format or live photos; add to that the potential for duplicates caused by multiple restarts from failed downloads, and it just makes life hard and eats your disk space. Cloud Photos Organizer sorts out all the mess by physically organizing your downloaded photos and videos into the structure you want, for example, by month. It also removes duplicates, live photo video shorts, heic or jpeg duplicates of photos, hevc or mov duplicates of videos, and can standardize your file extensions and casing. There is built-in support for the new HEIC and HEVC photo and video formats so you it’ll work even though Windows doesn’t understand those files. All this is 100% safe, any changes made to the downloaded files are never uploaded to Apple, so your iCloud photos and videos are perfectly safe and protected in the cloud. As you add more from your iPhone, iPad, or Imports, they’re downloaded by Apple’s iCloud app and then organised into the format you chose. Check out the user guide https://duckheadsoftware.com Why you might want to organize all your photos and videos • So you can actually find memories, for example, finding Halloween photos for all years. • De-clutter all those duplicate heic or hevc files that were downloaded by Apple. • Preparing your memories for archiving to a NAS server, DVD, USB stick, or other cloud solution. • If you’re running out of iCloud storage. Just Organize, De-Dupe, Archive, and then Delete in iCloud • Save space on your Windows disk. • Sending photos from a trip to friends. Cloud Photos Organizer has been developed specifically for iCloud - It understands Apple’s files and download process including "Live Photos” and the jpeg/heic versions of the same files.

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