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Get ready for thrill and action. Battle against terrorist has begun. Being a master sniper assassin, you have been appointed for shooting all enemies and destroy their holding from the jungle island. Most important part of the clash is that they have some of our commanders with them as hostage. You have to kill all enemies and have to rescue our commandos. Rivals will not recognize you as an opponent but as soon you take the initiative for shooting, they will get alert and try to kill you before you destroy them. We need our commando captives back safely. You, as a master sniper assassin given the responsibility to go in this jungle island for saving our captives from extremist and secure the island. Now it is the real time prove your abilities within limited ammunitions. Your training as riflemen is to be delivered now. It is real time to enjoy headshots. We will see your hunting enemy expertise in field here. Keep it in your mind that your opponent is quiet sharp and our soldiers are still with them. You also need to be very careful for your survival as well. After completion of the mission successfully, you will be given new thrilling assignment and of course you will surely get promoted. You next action field will be disclosed to you once you get success here. ★★★★★GAMEPLAY★★★★★ You will be given limited ammunition to assassinate and destroy enemies. You will have one sniper and one pistol to complete the mission. In each level, you have couple of extremist troops with our captive commandos; you have to shoot only extremist and rescue hostages. Island map will be given on your screen so that you may easily hunt the enemies. Kill shot the terrorist with your rifle Hunt each and every terrorist and shoot them before they assassinate you. Time is of the essence; make sure that you do not ever bring our hostage in your sniper shooting range. If any of our soldiers got dead, you will loose your mission. Also, keep distance from your opponents to retail your health. As more you survive, as many chances will increase for our victory ★★★★★FEATURES★★★★★ ● Real 3D Sniper Shooting Environment ● Hunting enemies in jungle and killing them ● Destroy extremist troops ● Evacuate jungle from terrorist ● Improve your expertise as a shooter ● Excellent 3d environment ● Easy GUI controls ● Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario ● Smooth touch and Drag control ★★★★★CONTROLS★★★★★ ● Zoom In/Out button and fire button at right side of the screen. ● Move forward, backward, right, and left button is at the right side of screen. ● View right, left, Up and down joystick available at left side of the screen.

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